Hannah Downs

"There is a Reason for it All"
 Bill, Linda, Hannah, John

"The Lord's Prayer"
Caroll Hartline

 "I Can Only Image"
 The Downs Family
Phillip, Noah, and, Hannah
 "What Child Is This"
 Phill Hartline
 "Lamb of God"
Hannah Downs

"Christmas Lullaby 2"
 Phil Hartline and John Briscoe


"O Come Emmanuel"
Hannah and Phillip Downs


 "You Are Here"
Hannah Downs, Phil Hartline, John Briscoe

Randy Bradberry 

"The Holly and the Ivy"
Phillip and Hannah Downs


"We Three Kings"
Carole Scogin, Dolores Fort

"Christmas Hallelujah"
Phillip and Hannah Downs